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Welcome to First In Solutions
First In Solutions (FIS) began operations in early 2007 as a start-up company providing information management (IM) and information technology (IT) services to selected clients in the Federal government. The company and its personnel are dedicated to serving the needs and mission of our clients by providing superior services, resources, and flexibility with a tight focus on the following corporate qualities:

Integrity – maintaining a high level of corporate ethics and professionalism at all times,
Innovation – providing solutions that work and efforts that successfully achieve objectives,
Integration – helping to eliminate "stovepipes" and provide real improvements in capabilities, and
Intelligence – utilizng IT tools and cloud technology to obtain data, information, and analysis to create useful intelligence.

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Our Services

First In Solutions is primarily focused on providing professional services and fully cleared resources to our clients in the following areas:

information management (IM),
information technology (IT),
intelligence analysis (IA), and
security (SEC).

While these service areas represent our primary focus, First In Solutions has the ability to provide services and fully cleared resources in related fields such as project management, business process reengineering, records management, organizational change, biometrics, information security, and event planning.

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Our People

Just as our people are critical to helping our clients meet their mission needs and objectives, they are also our most important resource. First In Solutions has designed a benefits package and created a corporate culture that is focused on attracting the best people in the business and retaining them. Not only do we want to provide the best resources and services possible to our clients, but we want to make our company a place where the work is challenging, satisfying, and rewarding to every employee and a place where everyone looks forward to their work each day and supporting our clients by providing the best possible service and in doing so, serving a nation.

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About List:
Government Contractor:
Small Business
Intelligence Community
Fully Cleared Professionals
Personnel Experience:
Best Practices
Corporate Governance
Database Design
Information Systems
Intelligence Analysis
Integrated Analytical Tools
IT Management
Mobile Applications
SOA Implementation
Organizational Change
Policy Development
Project Management
Technology Trends
Web Development
Community Member:
Corporate Headquarters:
13506 Portage Place
Centreville, VA 20120
(703) 263-7193

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